The Impossible Quiz

This game will probably beat you. Few people ever complete the impossible quiz without resorting to cheating. Well if you're going to cheat think again. The impossible quiz isn't for cheats. It eats cheats for breakfast.

The impossible quiz isn't about how much you know it's about how you think. If you're a rational thinker this game will give you a lot of trouble. Think sideways and you'll probably get to question 4 or 5.

You see the anwers aren't what you're expecting. Expected the unexpected and you'll be fine... I think so anyways.

Be prepared for a bit of a wait because the impossible quiz is rather large. If you have super fast lightspeed internet then it will probably be ready before you finish reading this sentence. If your internet is slower than a tortoise on a broken bicycle cycling uphill against the wind, you'll probably be here a while waiting...


Still not loaded? Well why don't you go make a cup of tea (or coffee) and come back in a few. It should be done by then. Give it a couple of hours maybe? Did you do all your odd jobs today? Perhaps you can leave it to load overnight?

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